Ssewa Ssewa’s Mesmerizing Janzi Performance with a Stellar Ensemble

Ssewa Ssewa’s Mesmerizing Janzi Performance with a Stellar Ensemble

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Get ready to be enchanted by Ssewa Ssewa’s soul-stirring Janzi performance, accompanied by a talented ensemble that sets the perfect mood. The soothing and relaxing sounds will transport you to a musical paradise. Don’t miss this incredible performance!

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Alvin Alexa

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world, there's a maestro who orchestrates the harmonious blend of content, technology, and creativity. Alvin Alexa, the Social Media Communications Manager at Janzi World, plays this pivotal role across the entire Janzi spectrum, including Janzi Band and its associated projects.

Sonso aka Ronny Beats

In the intricate world of music, where each note, tone, and rhythm is meticulously crafted, there's a silent maestro who wields the tools of sound. Sonso, known to many as Ronny Beats, stands as the sound engineer extraordinaire, responsible for sculpting the sonic landscapes of The Live Room and Janzi Extra.


Epaulmatic's lens is a portal into the soul of music. Through his expertly framed shots and masterful videos, he encapsulates the passion, energy, and sheer talent of these musical and artistic entities.
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Ssewa Ssewa

James Ssewakiryanga Junior, known by his stage name Ssewa Ssewa, is a highly talented and accomplished Ugandan live performing musician, multi-instrumentalist, founder of Janzi Band, and the visionary inventor of the mesmerizing musical instrument known as the Janzi. With his remarkable skill and diverse musical abilities, Ssewa Ssewa has established himself as a true maestro of various traditional and contemporary Ugandan instruments.

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